Discrete Reality Productions
Discrete Reality Productions

Discrete Reality Productions is a new and small film production house run by Stephanie Campbell and Jordan Heron.
All film production work by Discrete Reality Productions is now done through Barn 11 Productions.

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Barn 11 Productions

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Discrete Reality Productions - Horses

Not only do we work with great people, we work with great horses.
The following horses are available for hire through DRP.
Cricket Lane Farm, in Dunnville, is also available for rental for location shoots.

These horses were pulled out of the paddock for some last minute pictures.
No grooming involved. (On the horses or me.) They can be made prettier. (Not sure I can.)
With enough work, Stirling is a dazzling white. But that's a LOT of work...

Stirling Stirling, a 16.2hh Percheron/Thoroughbred gelding, born in or about 2005.

This horse has done everything we asked. He fox hunts, he jousts, and he was (in my opinion) the star of "Battle of Kings: Bannockburn", filmed in 2013 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After all, the Kings of both opposing armies rode him. Though not at the same time... Stirling also worked on a commercial shoot for Southwest Airlines in 2016.

Gloucestre Gloucestre, a 16.2hh Trakhener/Thoroughbred/Bretton gelding, born in or about 1995.

This horse can joust, but thinks it is very abrupt and rude, and beneath his status. He'd rather do dressage. He also fox hunts, so he's used to dealing with a lot of people and horses. Gloucestre did his first work on set in a commercial shoot for Southwest Airlines in 2016.

Spike, formally known as Escapade Spike, a 14.3hh grade quarterhorse gelding, born in or about 1995.

Despite his small size, Spike does joust, and is used primarily for training other horses - but he does love doing medieval games. He has also done cow sorting, although he was very unsure about competing against animals that were trying to headbutt him. No experience on set, but he's an awesome horse that does anything for people because he likes them.

Honour Honour, a 15.0hh Friesian/Standardbred mare, born in 2002.

We've had Honour (also known as 'Fat Chick' or 'Tank') since before she was born. She will do anything we ask, because she just loves working for us. Unfortunately, she pretty much hates other horses if they're not from her herd. In 2011, she looked just fabulous carrying the Stratford Festival 'Henry V' actor in the promo shots that season.

Max Max, a 16.2hh Belgian/Hackney gelding, born in or about 2005.

Max is our 'crazy horse', who I don't ride, but my wife adores. He is a tad unpredictable, and I wouldn't put him on a closed set, but he would look amazing running across a field with my wife astride. Which is what they do together on the fox hunt...

Paylyx Paylyx, a 15.2hh Appendix Quarterhorse gelding, born in 2009.

Paylyx is our failed racing quarterhorse. Right after his nuts were cut off, he decided that he still loves running, but he saw no reason to fight his way to the front of the pack. Fine instinct for a pleasure; bad instinct for a racehorse. Paylyx did his first commercial in 2016. Ironically (or not) he was portraying a race horse.

Anathema Anathema, a 15.0hh registered Quarterhorse mare, born in 2010.

Anathema never even made it to the track, due to her knees. Although healthy enough for 'normal' work, the track regimen would have crippled her eventually, and we didn't want to take that chance. She's our youngest horse, and is still in training. The plan is that she'll be my mounted shooting horse.

Contact us at: info@discreterealityproductions.com